You come to quick?, get your delay spray here and enjoy the fun longer

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You come to quick?, get your delay spray here and enjoy the fun longer

Post by Administrator » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:36 pm

About the product

K-Y Duration Spray for Men is an endurance enhancer that helps you last longer and stay in the moment
Contains Lidocaine, deemed safe by the FDA for the purpose of temporarily prolonging the time until ejaculation, and other ingredients which meet quality and safety standards of K-Y
Easy-to-use delay spray helps you take control of how long you want to last. Get it right for you and your partner.
Arrives to your door in discreet packaging (shipped from Amazon), and conveniently sized to take on the go
Switch from stamina pills and premature ejaculation creams and gels

Many men use tricks to distract themselves so that they can last longer in bed – picturing Grandma, thinking about baseball, or using the “stop-start” method. All of these take you away from your partner and remove you from the moment. K-Y Duration is an endurance enhancer which temporarily prolongs the time until climax to help you have more control and stay in the moment. Many men would like more stamina and endurance in the bedroom. Let’s be real; Men finish 91% of the time, Women only 64%. Let’s close the climax gap. This delay spray helps men stay in the moment and have longer lasting sex. How does K-Y Duration Spray for Men work? The specially designed formula desensitizes the nerves that affect sexual sensitivity to temporarily delay climax and helping prevent premature ejac. No longer do you need to remember and plan out taking stamina pills. And the hygienic, convenient spray format means no mess like with other premature ejac gels or delay creams. Is KY Duration Safe? As a trusted brand for nearly 100 years, K-Y stands by the safety and quality of its products. The active ingredient, Lidocaine is a commonly used, over the counter desensitizing agent, deemed safe by the FDA for the purpose of prolonging the time until climax. Transference to your partner is minimized when used as directed and allowed time to dry. K-Y Duration also features a child resistant locking cap to ensure it stays safe and secure. Please follow directions in packaging to open/close the spray. Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are already taking prescribed drugs and medications. How do I use it? Hold bottle upright 2 - 3 inches away from your penis. Apply 3 or more sprays (not to exceed 10 sprays per use) to the head and shaft of the penis 5 - 15 minutes before intercourse. You can rub in if needed and then wipe off any excess with a soft, damp cloth prior to intercourse. Wash product off after intercourse. K-Y Duration is ok to use with KY lube and other sexual lubricants, if used as directed. However, Duration is not condom compatible and should not be used with condoms. It does not prevent pregnancy or transference of STD/STI. How long will it make me last? Everyone is different. We recommend you start out with 3 sprays and if you don’t last as long as desired try an extra spray next time until you and your partner are both happy (not to exceed 10 sprays per use). Help take control of your sexual stamina and how long you want to last to get it right for you and your partner. Pack contents: 1 pump spray bottle – 36 sprays per bottle, 0.16 fl oz (5.0 mL). Active ingredient: Lidocaine USP 9.6% (approximately 10mg per spray).

Trusted K-Y Brand

The active ingredient Lidocaine, a commonly used desensitizing agent, has been deemed safe by the FDA for the purposes of prolonging the time until climax. As a trusted brand for nearly 100 years, K-Y stands by the safety of its products.

Help Control How Long You Last

Let’s face it, men finish faster than women. K-Y Duration closes the gap by helping you control how long you last. Try 3 sprays to start out. If you don’t last as long as desired, try an additional spray next time (not to exceed 10 sprays unless advised by your doctor.)

Easy Spray Format

K-Y Duration features an easy to use pump spray format for applying to the head and shaft of the penis. K-Y Duration works by reducing nerve sensitivity. You will still feel intimate physical sensations including touch and intensifying arousal.

Stay in the Moment

Forget the distractions and stay in the moment. No more thinking about baseball or Grandma. With K-Y Duration you will be able to keep your head in the game and enjoy better sex with your partner as a result.

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Curly hair Hairpieces : Natural splendor Or Man made Locks

Post by Danielquiva » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:08 pm

Men and women promote their hair for you to wig Wigs
manufacturers whom art wigs from them. Before this the head of hair experiences several techniques. The hair is actually washed, chemically dealt with Wigs
, coloured, and after that lower and created directly into hair pieces.

It can be simpler to match hairpieces through natural splendor on the shade of your current normal head of hair Wigs For Women
. These can even be permed, minimize, blow dried, along with styled in the same way you'd use your current real human hair. Wigs therefore produced have a very natural look and therefore are smoother when compared with their manufactured alternatives. Human hair can be more robust. So Short Wigs
, hairpieces made out of options are furthermore tougher.

They are created from man-made muscle. In comparison to head of hair hairpieces Wigs
, the actual hairpieces coming from artificial curly hair can not be restyled in your house. Furthermore, you can not adjust his or her colour coming from what has already been coloured from the producers.

Manufactured wigs be cheaper than others made from natural splendor, however to have a better plus more all-natural look you may want to acquire an expensive good quality. Manufactured hair pieces preserve their own condition superior in comparison with wigs created from Wigs
person curly hair.

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